Taking a sneak peek inside all of Meghan's old homes

Meghan Markle is the woman of the hour, and she has quickly become one of the most recognizable faces in the world. As if her former Hollywood career wasn’t enough, this brunette beauty has become the new Duchess of Sussex. Now that she is a fully fledged member of the British Royal Family, and has a tiny heir on the way, people across the globe can’t help but follow her every move.
We’re so focused on her new life as a Duchess that we forget she had a life where she was just a normal woman who could open and close her own car doors and live in a regular house. Yes, thanks to her infamous family history, Meghan has moved around a huge amount over the course of her life.
She has lived in several childhood homes with her mother and father; she has divided her time between two separate houses after her parents got divorced; and she even lived in her own pad when she moved to Toronto to film Suits. But have you ever wondered what these places were like? Check out the inside of Meghan’s old homes.
[post_page_title]A place to lay her head[/post_page_title]
Everyone needs a place to lay their head, and Meghan Markle is no different. While she may now be living a life of luxury as the new Duchess on the block, this former actress has lived in countless houses over the course of her life and career.

As a child, she made her way from house to house as she lived with her parents together, both her mother and her father separately, and even on her own as a fully-fledged actress. But have you ever wondered what the inside of her houses looked like?

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