Taking a sneak peek inside all of Meghan's old homes

[post_page_title]Moving to Toronto[/post_page_title]
After living with her parents in Los Angeles, Meghan eventually moved to Toronto for her role in the legal drama, Suits. Thanks to her lengthy role on the show, Meghan was able to make this house her home.

With three bedrooms and beautiful decor, we can now get a sneak peek inside her Canadian pad – and it’s safe to say that were a little obsessed. With dark wood paneling on the outside, this house merges perfectly into the tree-lined surroundings. We especially love the pop of green coming from the front door.
[post_page_title]Lounging around[/post_page_title]
Rachel Zane was one of the leading characters in Suits, which means that Meghan Markle was kept on her toes. She would spend hours every single day on set, and she would often work late to nail the perfect scene.

Because of this, we can imagine that she wanted somewhere to lounge around after she came home after a long day. This living room had everything she could possibly need to get comfortable, and the gray, neutral color palette is enough to chill anyone out after the stresses of filming.

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