The biggest differences between Meghan and Kate's pregnancies

[post_page_title]The announcement[/post_page_title]
The news that Prince Harry and Meghan were expecting their first royal heir came on October 15, 2018, and it’s safe to say that the world collectively squealed. The couple have won over fans and royalists alike across the globe since their wedding, and many were waiting impatiently for such news to become public.

Kensington Palace released an official statement on social media that day when Harry and Meghan were in Australia as part of their Royal Tour. Over the next couple of hours, they were inundated with congratulations from those around them, and those closer to home.
[post_page_title]The travel ban[/post_page_title]
As a member of the Royal Family, Meghan Markle has some pretty thorough rules to follow. This will only be heightened now that she’s carrying Royal cargo on board, as pregnant women within the family are watched like a hawk to ensure the safe and happy arrival of the baby.

One of the rules involves a travel ban, as the Queen rarely likes the royal heir to leave the country. However, Meghan had already kinda broken that rule, considering she was in Australia when the news was announced.

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