The biggest differences between Meghan and Kate's pregnancies

[post_page_title]Staying put[/post_page_title]
Throughout all of her pregnancies, Kate managed to adhere to the travel ban. Although there was one instance where she traveled to Norway while carrying Prince Louis, she largely stayed in the United Kingdom and kept her travel plans to a minimum.

However, Kate has always tried to keep ol’ Lizzie in her good books – and we assume that she didn’t want to get on the wrong side of the Queen by ignoring her rule. On the other hand, Meghan didn’t seem to care too much. Her royal duty was calling.
[post_page_title]Making it official[/post_page_title]
Although there are many rumors floating around that Meghan and Harry told their friends and family about their pregnancy at Princess Eugenie’s wedding, no official Royal announcement can ever be made without going through Kensington Palace first.

The people who work in the press office are always the first ones to release breaking news that affects the royals, and this was no different for both Meghan and Kate’s pregnancies. Yet, that’s where the similarities end because Meghan and Kate’s announcements couldn’t have been more dissimilar if they tried.

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