The talented wives of most famous MLB players

With baseball having originated sometime between the 1700s and 1800s, it’s no wonder that the sport has gained such a following over the last few hundred years. In fact, with around 14 million Americans picking up the bat and ball every year, baseball has become the second most popular sport to both watch and play in the States. America’s pastime really does bring people together. Some of the most famous teams include the Chicago Cubs, the Boston Red Sox, the San Francisco Giants, and the New York Mets who all come together for several months of the year battling it out to come out on top of the season. With so much at risk, the teams have to think quickly if they want to beat off the competition. The rigorous training regimes would be enough to take a toll on anyone, let alone the rest of the family that lay in wait at home.
When it comes to any sport, there will always be the dream, and in baseball having your face on a collectible Topps baseball card means you’ve officially made it. With the most expensive baseball card in the world going for a staggering $2.8 million, it’s safe to say Honus Wagner has truly gone down in sporting history. However, with the likes of Jayson Werth, Jacoby Ellsbury, David Price, and Clayton Kershaw all still at the peak of their career, there are plenty of faces to keep an eye out for as the popularity of baseball continues to grow and grow. These legends are raking in some big bucks, but for good reason when you see the talent these professionals are putting out there.

But when it comes to the other half of the year, what are these major league baseballers doing with their spare time? And more importantly, are they doing it alone or have they got a loving partner there by their side? Behind many of these legends stands a powerful woman there to guide them in the way of life. But do they mind when their husbands are jetting off across the country to their big games? And what do they do to occupy themselves when the men are away? Well, many of these incredible women have forged some serious careers of their own. While they may not swing the bat or pitch the ball themselves, the wives of these stars are legends in their own rights.
[post_page_title]Jaime Faith Edmondson[/post_page_title]
Born December 30, 1978, this 38 year old is the wife to Evan Longoria. The baseball star currently plays for the Tampa Bay Rays, and the couple have been married since 2015. Jaime is seven years older than her sporting husband but has had a bustling career. Born into a policing family, Jaime followed in her family’s footsteps and joined the force. However, there was a huge career change when Jaime decided to pursue a life as a cheerleader. Since then, she has modeled for some major magazines, as well as writing sports blogs thanks to her inside knowledge!

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