Celebs who destroyed their careers on live TV

[post_page_title]Grease is the word you misheard[/post_page_title]
In 2014, Travolta was still in the ‘down’ period of his career. Despite some reasonably performing films, he still hadn’t made it back. What better way, then, to remind people of your presence, than with a quick announcing gig at the Academy Awards? A quick speech, crack a joke, and people suddenly remember how magnetic you are on screen. However, when the time came to introduce ‘Frozen’ star Idina Menzel, Travolta flubbed. Clearly struggling with her name, Travolta strived, strained, wracked his brain, and ended up coming out with ‘Adela Dazeem’. Hardly a triumphant return.

Grease is the word you misheard

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