Ranking the 20 greatest wide receivers in NFL history

[post_page_title]Larry Fitzgerald[/post_page_title]
Consistently underrated over the past few years, Fitzgerald has shown longevity that is rare among most NFL wide receivers. As the 2018 season approaches, Fitz has an opportunity to cement his legacy even further with several accolades well within his reach in the upcoming year. He needs less than 400 receiving yards to move into second place for receiving yards in NFL history, and a more challenging 92 receptions to move into second place all-time in receptions. Fitz was a major part of the Cardinals’ run to Super Bowl XLIII. In those 2008 playoffs, he broke Jerry Rice’s postseason records, by putting up an incredible 30 catches, for 546 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. In the pivotal Super Bowl (loss), Fitz did everything in his power to bring home the title, with a super performance of seven catches, for 127 yards and two touchdowns.

Larry Fitzgerald

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