Ranking the 20 greatest wide receivers in NFL history

[post_page_title]Antonio Brown[/post_page_title]
In just eight seasons so far in his career, Brown has been able to achieve a whole lot. At just 29 years old, he already has 733 catches for 9,910 receiving yards. Depending on how long he is able to keep up his absurd pace, he has a chance at approaching many of the all-time records that have long seemed impossible to reach. For now, Brown will need to just keep working hard at doing what he does best – catching footballs. His best season from a statistical standpoint was in 2015, when he hauled in 136 catches for 1,834 yards. Combined with the previous two seasons, he set the NFL record for most receptions in a three-year span, with a total of 375 catches.

Antonio Brown

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