The turbulent life of Colin Kaepernick

Let’s be honest; there’s nothing we love more than watching a good ol’ game of American Football. Whether you love the atmosphere of watching your favorite sports stars in the flesh or adore the atmosphere of the stadium, or whether you’re just happy donning your favorite jersey and watching from home, there’s nothing better than following the progress of your team. Of course, many football fans also have their favorite players – and most of the time, we all love the quarterback. Over the course of history, football fans have been blessed with incredible quarterbacks that do their bit on the football field, and then get on with their lives. However, there are also other quarterbacks that have their life strewn across the front pages, in books and movies; just like Michael Oher and The Blind Side. The Blind Side is one of the most popular football movies of all time and follows the life of Oher as he tries to make his way as a young, black, and poverty-stricken child. However, his life changed forever when he was adopted by a rich, white family by the name of the Tuohy’s.

As much as we love Michael Oher’s story and his incredible transformation from depraved child to an all-star footballer, there is also another quarterback with a similar story who often gets pushed to the side under the fame of The Blind Side. Yep, we’re talking about Colin Kaepernick. The Colin Kaepernick story is full of controversy, tragedy, and talent. If you want to know more about the famous quarterback, you can now follow his life through his adoption, a move to California, his natural ability for sport, his college struggles, the controversy surrounding his football status, and why his name has been splashed all over the headlines over the past few months…
With 13 touchdowns and two Offensive Player of the Year awards to his name, Colin Kaepernick is one of the most popular quarterbacks of all time. However, behind the helmet and the football jersey is a man who has been dealt a tough life. Just like Michael Oher and The Blind Side, Colin Kaepernick has his own story to tell – one of adoption, controversy, sporting talent, relationships and more. But where did it all begin? Well, let’s discover the Colin Kaepernick story…

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