Biggest game show controversies of all time

Since 1938, TV game shows have come a long way, and they are beginning to become much more interactive in recent times. However, throughout this entire period, there has been one constant running through every single TV game show – the host. This is the most important person in the process, and often the reason why audiences continue to come back for more.
In spite of their impressive start, game shows have also had a reasonably checkered past. And there have been some monumental controversies that have impacted the world of TV game shows over the years. Check out some of the biggest ‘OMG’ moments in game show history!
[post_page_title]The cough – Who Wants to be a Millionaire?[/post_page_title]
This is one of the best-known scandals in recent times, and surrounds the popular British TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? In 2001, former Army major Charles Ingram was busted for cheating his way to a whopping £1 million (around $1.3 million).

It turned out his wife and friend in the audience would cough at the correct answer as Ingram read the answers aloud, before he would then make the correct choice. His prize was retracted, and he had to pay fines of £15,000 (nearly $20,000) after being convicted of fraud!
[post_page_title]“The Bullseye Killer” – Bullseye[/post_page_title]
How many TV game shows can claim that they have actually hosted a dangerous criminal? Well, probably not many. However, British darts game show Bullseye actually did this back in 1985, with contestant John Cooper.

This was before the days of intensive TV show background checks, and it seemed that Cooper had slipped through the net. Four years prior to his appearance, he had actually taken the lives of brother and sister Richard and Helen Thomas. Just a month after he was on the show he ended the lives of a couple, Peter and Gwenda Dixon.

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