Biggest game show controversies of all time

[post_page_title]Scripted show – Twenty One[/post_page_title]
Back in the 1950s, there was this hugely popular TV game show known as Twenty One. Herb Stempel was a contestant who did wonderfully well on the show, and went unbeaten for six straight weeks. After ratings dipped, he was told to get a question wrong so someone else could be brought in and win.

This became Charles Van Doren, who went unbeaten for 3 months because the producers gave him all the answers! The incident was the subject of Robert Redford’s riveting 1994 movie Quiz Show.
[post_page_title]Wrong answer controversy – Million Dollar Money Drop[/post_page_title]
Back in 2010, the US version of the Million Pound Drop courted controversy when a couple lost all their money on a seemingly correct answer. The question asked which item was sold in stores first, Macintosh computer, Sony Walkman, or Post-It Notes?

They put their entire $800,000 on Post-It’s, but the right answer was the Walkman. Or was it? Post-It Notes were launched in 1977 as Press ‘n Peel, becoming Post-It Notes in 1980, while the Walkman launched in ‘79. So technically they were wrong, but come on guys!

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