The 32 biggest NBA draft busts of all time

[post_page_title]Jay Williams[/post_page_title]
Draft no.: 2nd overall
Draft year: 2002
Team: Chicago Bulls
Jay Williams isn’t on this list because he wasn’t good, he had a promising rookie season. Williams played in 74 games, averaging 9.5 PPG and 4.7 assists. He even made the All Rookie team. Jay Williams is on this list because he was unlucky. Williams’ career was cut short by a motorcycle accident, way before he reached his potential. One night in June 2003, Williams was riding his motorcycle on the North Side of Chicago. He revved the engine and his bike shot forward. At the time, Williams was not wearing a helmet, was riding without a proper license and was violating his contract. He hit a utility pole, ending his career.

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