The 32 biggest NBA draft busts of all time

[post_page_title]Dajuan Wagner[/post_page_title]
Draft no.: 6th overall
Draft year: 2002
Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Dajuan Wagner put on his best Wilt Chamberlain impression while in high school, putting up 100 points in a single game. Granted, we never believed he’d be able to do that as a pro, but we imagined he’d fare better than he actually did. The shooting guard played only four seasons in the Association. After a good rookie season, scoring 13.4 PPG with 2.8 assists, everything went downhill. During his sophomore season, Wagner averaged just 6.5 in 44 appearances, and the following year only played in 11 games. Wagner took a season off due to illness, but when he came back in 2006-07 he only played a single game.

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