The 32 biggest NBA draft busts of all time

[post_page_title]Pervis Ellison[/post_page_title]
Draft no.: 1st overall
Draft year: 1989
Team: Sacramento Kings
Pervis Ellison wasn’t a bust off the bat, and some would question whether or not he should be on this list. Ellison had only three successful NBA seasons, and averaged 20 PPG and 11.2 rebounds during the 1991-92 season with the Washington Bullets. That season he won the Most Improved Player award, but c’mon, should a no. 1 overall pick ever be in consideration for such a feat? After the 1992-93 season, Ellison’s career went downhill, and he never averaged double digits again. Ellison’s downfall was brought upon by injuries, and he eventually stepped away from the game after playing in only nine games during the 2000-01 season.

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