This adorably honest outburst from a toddler made a whole courtroom emotional

[post_page_title]Army man[/post_page_title]
Before Mandi even met Tyler, he was in the military. In 2010 tyler became a member of the 101st airborne division of the Army and after he made it through his military training, he would see action.

Tyler was deployed to fight in Afghanistan, not once but twice and it would prove to be an incredibly taxing experience for the young man. War changes people, and although he came home safe enough, he started to struggle adjusting back to everyday life.
Tyler was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He had made it home from the battles, but several of his close friends didn’t, and that would weigh heavily on Tyler.

Only 20 days after he completed his basic Army training, Tyler was sent to fight overseas for the first time. When he returned home the second time in 2014, he realized that the war hadn’t left him and he sought some help to try and overcome the trauma.

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