This adorably honest outburst from a toddler made a whole courtroom emotional

[post_page_title]Trying to get pregnant[/post_page_title]
Tyler would get out of the Army without having to be deployed once again, and as soon as he hung up his gun and boots, he and Mandi moved in together. They set up home in Perrysburg, Ohio, and not long after settling into their new lives they wanted to start a family.

Mandi and Tyler spent the next few years trying to get pregnant but it just wasn’t happening. There were also doubts about whether Mandi would be able to sustain a pregnancy due to the Crohn’s.
[post_page_title]Not giving up hope[/post_page_title]
After a while, they both began to give up hope that the would be able to conceive a child. Both Tyler and Mandi had been through a lot in life already, and they were not yet ready to throw in the towel.

Instead, they began exploring other options to see how they could bring a child into their life. No matter what, they were not going to have their dreams shattered, and they knew just what it was they were going to do.

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