This adorably honest outburst from a toddler made a whole courtroom emotional

[post_page_title]Saying hello to Hunter[/post_page_title]
Mandi and Tyler arrived at child services, amazed at how quickly everything was moving. It had only been a few days ago they were registered, now they were bringing home a child to care for.

Looking down at him they realized he was perfect for them and they instantly fell in love with the little bundle of joy. They were so overjoyed with this little boy called Hunter they just knew he was going to have a big impression on their lives.
[post_page_title]Becoming their reason to live[/post_page_title]
Not long after welcoming Hunter into their home it became clear to Mandi and Tyler that he was making them feel better. He wasn’t just their first baby, he became their medicine and the reason why both of his foster parents continued to fight their own health battles.

For Mandi and Tyler, Hunter was the reason why they did anything in their lives, and over the coming months, their bond would grow stronger by the day. This foster child had totally transformed Mandi and Tyler’s lives.

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