This adorably honest outburst from a toddler made a whole courtroom emotional

[post_page_title]Battling malnutrition[/post_page_title]
Mandi has had to battle malnutrition for several years, and she has lost a large portion of her intestine due to her illness. To keep the Crohn’s disease at bay, doctors regularly have to give Mandi monthly infusions and surgeries.

Due to her numerous operations and altered insides, Mandi has struggled to absorb the nutrients from the food she eats properly. This inability to digest adequately means that malnutrition is just another constant battle she has to fight.
[post_page_title]A chance meeting[/post_page_title]
The timing couldn’t have been any better when Tyler and Mandi met each other. Tyler had returned home from his first stint in Afghanistan and just before he was due to ship out once again, he met Mandi.

It was clear there was something between the pair, but Tyler had to leave soon so they knew it would be hard to keep the relationship going. Despite how hard it was going to be, the pair needed to give things a try to see if they could work it out.

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