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[post_page_title]Long-term relationship[/post_page_title]
They knew having a long-distance relationship after only knowing each other for such a short time would be difficult, but they saw value in giving it a shot.

Spending so little time together would strengthen their bond between each other in ways they don’t think anyone would be able to understand. One month after they met, Tyler was deployed to Afghanistan for nine months. The time apart only brought them closer together and soon after Tyler returned he had a big question to ask Mandi.
[post_page_title]Getting married[/post_page_title]
Pretty much the first thing Tyler wanted to do when he got home was to see Mandi once again. After the pair were reunited they couldn’t have been happier.

Riding a wave of joy, Tyler asked Mandi if she wanted to marry him just a couple of short weeks after he returned home from war. Of course, Mandi was overjoyed with the proposal, and she said yes. Their story so far had seemed like it was heading for a fairytale ending, but there was a sting in the tail.

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