The all-time greatest MLB pitchers to ever grace the mound

[post_page_title]Greg Maddux[/post_page_title]
Back in the 90s, if you were a fan of any team in the National League, Greg Maddux was a name that you both feared and revered. Along with Tom Glavine, the Braves pitching staff was one of the best of all time, and Maddux was the kingpin. He was an extremely dominant pitcher, and very consistent as well. Since we’re discussing the 90s, his stats throughout that time period boasted an outstanding record of 176-88 and a 2.54 ERA! He also helped the Braves get to three World Series, winning one of them. A four time Cy Young winner, he also became known for throwing a complete game shutout, with less than 100 pitches.

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