When these tenants left their old house in a mess, their ex-landlord dumped it in front of their new home

[post_page_title]It comes with the territory… or does it?[/post_page_title]
Landlords everywhere know that when they rent out their place, certain risks are part of the deal. No matter how many background checks you run, you can never be completely 100 percent sure who you let live in your place.

It comes with the territory… or does it?

In the case of Thomas Ravaux, everything seemed to have gone without a hitch. Until his tenants left, that is, at which point Thomas discovered the place he rented them now looked more like a garbage dump. Some landlords may have just chalked it up to a learning experience and moved on, but not him. He got some very creative revenge, videotaped it, and became an overnight sensation online.

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