The 32 Greatest Running Backs in NFL History

[post_page_title]Terrell Davis[/post_page_title]
T.D. was widely overlooked, as his draft stock fell all the way to the sixth round in 1995, where he was selected by the Denver Broncos. His aforementioned nickname was justified, since he had a true nose for the end zone. Davis came on relatively strong in his rookie campaign, totaling 1,117 yards on the ground. But in the following three seasons, he really made a name for himself, putting together consecutive seasons with at least 1,500 rushing yards. T.D. helped John Elway win his first Super Bowl in the 1997 season, also being named Super Bowl MVP in the process, for his incredible game of 157 rushing yards and three touchdowns. The following year, he ran for an astounding 2,008 yards and 23 total touchdowns, earning himself the league MVP award.

Terrell Davis

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