The 32 Greatest Running Backs in NFL History

[post_page_title]Barry Sanders [/post_page_title]
There are many who consider Sanders to be the best runner the world has ever seen. And their claims are justified in several ways. Sanders put on a clinic from the moment he stepped onto an NFL field, making the Pro Bowl in every single season he played. He was known for making highlight reel plays, due to his artistically elusive style of running. It almost seemed as if he was playing flag football, since defenders often found it difficult to even get a hand on him. Despite playing just ten seasons, Barry still holds third place in the all time rushing list, with a whopping 15,269 yards (that’s a crazy yearly average of 1,527 yards), while also tallying 99 rushing touchdowns in the process. If his career had extended just a few more years, he likely would have shattered every major rushing record in league history.

Barry Sanders

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