The 32 Greatest Running Backs in NFL History

[post_page_title]John Riggins[/post_page_title]
Riggins is one of those guys who ages like a fine wine. He had a record-setting 24 rushing touchdowns at the age of 34 during the 1983 season. Disproving any claims of a fluke season, Riggins put up another 14 touchdowns the following year, leading the league in that category again. He also was a key member of the Redskins’ run at Super Bowl XVII. The team won the game, on the heels of a remarkable performance by Riggins. During the game, he had a whopping 38 rushing attempts for 166 yards and a touchdown, adding one reception for 15 yards. He was also named Super Bowl MVP for his tremendous effort in the game.

John Riggins

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