The 20 greatest Russian hockey players to star in the NHL

[post_page_title]Alexander Mogilny 1990-2006[/post_page_title]
Alexander Mogilny became the first Russian player to defect from the USSR in order to play in the NHL, and joined the Buffalo Sabres while he was still in his prime. He would continue paving the way for Russians in the league, becoming the first to play in an All Star game in 1992 and first captain in 1993. He would go on to score 473 goals during his 16-season career, with 559 assists in 990 games. During his fourth season in the NHL, he recorded 76 goals. Mogilny is third on the list of points scored by a Russian player, right behind two players on this list – Fedorov and Ovechkin – and was second when he retired. The trailblazer won a single Stanley Cup ring in 2000 while playing in New Jersey.

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