The most iconic soccer players of all time – then and now

Soccer can be a tribal game. Many fans will only support their team and will discredit the abilities of rival players. These fan rivalries often create superstars in the sport as they like to claim their player is better than those on other teams. Some players transcend those arguments and are just collectively known as amazing players. They are so talented and brilliant that no one can deny their skill. Many of the legends of the sport have graced the biggest stages soccer has to offer including World Cups and Champions League finals. These stars were not filled with anxiety during those huge events but stood up and made the difference to inspire their team to victory.

Soccer began as an official sport in 1888 as teams in England formed the Football League, becoming the first professional league. From that time soccer players have been put on a pedestal by their passionate fans as their talents have outshone everyone else on the field. There are many different ways to win a game of soccer, and although many coaches focus on keeping a strong defence, all the fans really want to see is goals and skills to keep them excited. Some of the most exciting players of all time are now considered legends. Have you been wondering what they have been up to since hanging up their boots?
[post_page_title]Then – Paul Gascoigne[/post_page_title]
Paul Gascoigne, or Gazza as he was commonly known, was one of those players who could turn up and easily play everybody else off the park. He was able to dribble through defenses like a hot knife through butter, and his technique was so good he could score all kinds of amazing goals. His most famous goal came at the 1996 European Championships in England, when he lobbed a defender before smashing home a volley against England’s rivals, Scotland. Gazza was known as much for his antics off the pitch as well as on it. He was often criticized for his bad behavior on the pitch and an unhealthy lifestyle at home.

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