The journey of former NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen

[post_page_title]Early years[/post_page_title]
Born in Covington, Kentucky, Lorenzen had shown all the signs at a young age that he would succeed in sports. Multi-talented, Lorenzen played as many sports as he could, and when he reached high school age, he found himself on several of his school’s athletic teams.

He would go on to become a legend at Fort Thomas Highlands High School, earning himself a place in their history books by breaking the all-time throwing records for a quarterback.
[post_page_title]Not just football[/post_page_title]
Lorenzen had a lot of sporting ability, something that led him to being on the basketball, baseball, and football teams at Fort Thomas Highlands. He wasn’t just a member of those teams though, he was a letterman, meaning he was playing well enough to be considered for varsity in all three sports.

Lorenzen was far more than just an athlete, he was a highly skilled one – capable of playing several sports at the highest level. The time would come when he would have to pick one sport, though, and that was football.

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