The journey of former NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen

[post_page_title]Earning his ring[/post_page_title]
Lorenzen found it tough to break into the team at the New York Giants. The Giants had all-star quarterback Eli Manning, and if Lorenzen was going to get game time, he was going to have to up his level.

Despite not playing much, Lorenzen was a part of the squad who managed to win the Super Bowl in 2008. He might not have had many NFL minutes to his name, but he has something to show for his time in the professional league, a Super Bowl ring.
[post_page_title]Looking for a regular game[/post_page_title]
After spending four years at the New York Giants, Lorenzen wasn’t getting much action and was released. To try and rediscover his love of playing once more, he went looking for a new team.

Just a month after being released, Lorenzen signed for the Indianapolis Colts but didn’t make the final cut for the team. Half a year later, Lorenzen signed with the Kentucky Horsemen, but the team went bankrupt several months after he signed with them. Out of luck, he retired from playing when the Horsemen folded.

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