The journey of former NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen

In his rookie year at college, Lorenzen was picked as starting quarterback for the Kentucky Wildcats. He was redshirting at college and following his introduction into the team, he ousted Dusty Bonner from the squad.

Bonner would transfer to another school to get the playing time he was missing, but Lorenzen took his chances. He contributed greatly to the team as quarterback until the coach changed. Then he was used as a receiver, but despite scoring impressive numbers, he wasn’t picked in the NFL draft after college.
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Although he might have missed out on the prestige that being picked in the draft brings, Lorenzen still found himself being picked up by the New York Giants. As a free agent, Lorenzen would seem like a steal if he could show the form he had previously had in high school.

The Giants had a real player on their hands; it was now all about how they used him, as he could become their starting quarterback for years if he played well.

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