The journey of former NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen

[post_page_title]Kentucky Mr. Football[/post_page_title]
Throughout his entire football career, Lorenzen was showcasing the kind of talent that would lead him right to the NFL after college. As a high school junior, he passed a Fort Thomas Highlands record; 2,759 yards, earning 37 touchdowns in just 13 games

He would go on to break his own record in his senior year, throwing a total of 3,393 yards, earning his team 45 touchdowns. All of these numbers led to Lorenzen being named Kentucky Mr. Football, given to the top high school player in the state.
[post_page_title]Kentucky Wildcats[/post_page_title]
During his senior season, Lorenzen was scouted, but he already knew where he wanted to play football in college. After just five games in his senior year Lorenzen signed to play for the Kentucky Wildcats, the football team of the University of Kentucky.

As a starting quarterback in high school, Lorenzen’s future looked bright, and if he continued playing in college like he had been, then he would become a star. Things got off to a good start for Lorenzen at Kentucky.

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