Jenny from the Block to superstar: The journey of Jennifer Lopez

[post_page_title]Where it all began[/post_page_title]
However, to truly understand just how much J-Lo has changed over the years, we need to go back in time. Jennifer Lynn Lopez was welcomed into the world by her Puerto Rican parents on July 24, 1969.

She spent the majority of her childhood living with her mom, her dad, and her two sisters in The Bronx area of New York City. Jennifer’s parents worked hard to save their money, and they were eventually able to move out of their small apartment and into a two-story house that was perfect for their family.
[post_page_title]A natural talent[/post_page_title]
From a young age, those around Jennifer Lopez could see that she had a natural talent. She could sing, she could dance, and she would often put on performances for her family in the evenings.

Because of this, her parents knew that they had to nurture this talent, and they sent her to dancing and singing classes as a youngster. Of course, this paid off in the end. Although she thrived at school, Jennifer was more interested in the athletic aspect of her education, as she competed in track championships, gymnastics, and even softball.

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