Jenny from the Block to superstar: The journey of Jennifer Lopez

[post_page_title]Ready for her close-up[/post_page_title]
Although Jennifer Lopez wanted her fans to take her music career seriously, she also wanted to become the next Hollywood icon. Because of this, she managed to find the perfect balance between her Jenny from the Block persona and her Hollywood pin-up looks.

Whenever she made her way to high-profile celebrity events, Jennifer Lopez would don her best gown and have her stylists dress her up to the nines. While we have to say that her hair is perhaps a little too voluminous, she still looks absolutely stunning with this natural look.
[post_page_title]A saucy señorita[/post_page_title]
Throughout her career, Jennifer Lopez has often been typecast as the beautiful Latina – but it seems as though she doesn’t mind fitting into this box. J-Lo is proud of her heritage and has even released countless songs in Spanish or with Spanish verses included.

During many red carpet events, J-Lo has decided to showcase the fact that she is a saucy señorita by embracing her Latino looks. With her tight curls, her popping eye makeup, her glossy lips, and her low-cut jacket, this is the J-Lo we all know and love.

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