The worst NBA trades of all time

The worst NBA trades of all time

If this list we have here is any indication, there have been many times in NBA history where a general manager supremely dropped the ball on a trade. Some of them were pretty bad, and some… Well, some of them were outright catastrophic.
[post_page_title]Scottie Pippen (Sonics to Bulls)[/post_page_title]
In the 1987 Draft, the Sonics drafted a young kid out of Central Arkansas by the name of Scottie Pippen. They drafted him fifth, so they obviously thought he had potential – but they obviously weren’t too optimistic about him, because they traded him to the Bulls soon after for big man Olden Polynice.
Scottie Pippen (Sonics to Bulls)

Pippen went on to become a seven time All Star, a three time All NBA first team member, and helped Michael Jordan and the Bulls win six titles. Olden Polynice’s future didn’t fare quite as well, averaging a mere 5 points and 4.5 rebounds with the Sonics for the rest of his time there. Yikes… talk about trader’s remorse.

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