The 28 greatest Canadians to star in the NHL

[post_page_title]Martin Brodeur[/post_page_title]
When it comes to NHL goalies, it’s hard to top the long-time New Jersey Devil. Martin Brodeur sits atop the all-time shutouts list, with 125, the all-time wins leader, with 691, overall games played, with 1,266 and all-time playoff shutouts, with 24. He was the youngest goalie to get to 200 NHL wins, then did the same for both 400 and 500 wins. He’s a three-time Cup winner, in 1995, 2000 and 2003 and two-time Olympics gold medal winner (2002, 2010). His list of trophies is endless: the Vezina Trophy, four-time Jennings Trophy winner, four-time First All-Star Team and was the Calder Trophy winner in 1994.
marty brodeur

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