The 28 greatest Canadians to star in the NHL

[post_page_title]Terry Sawchuk[/post_page_title]
Terry Sawchuk became a goalie because of his older brother, who passed away at only 17 years old. He inherited a set of pads from him, giving birth to one of the greatest goaltenders in NHL history. Sawchuk spent 21 seasons in the league, playing for five teams. When he finished his career in 1970, Sawchuk had 103 shutouts in 971 games played, and won 447 games, the most of any goalie in history. During his first five full seasons, his GAA was below 2.0, a statistic that is unheard of. He won four Cups, three times with the Red Wings and once with the Maple Leafs. He is a four-time Vezina Trophy winner and won the Calder Trophy his rookie year. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1971.
terry sawchuk

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