NHL players: love lives off the ice

When we turn on our television sets and watch our favorite NHL team slap on their ice skates and square off against the opponent, there is only one thing on our minds. We must destroy the opposite team. We must have our minds blown by an insane pass, one that leads to an ideal one-timer that scores the winning goal. We want to hear the play-by-play commentators, we want to revel in the atmosphere, we – okay, perhaps there is more than one thing on our minds.
One thing is certain though. When we are watching hockey, we are focusing on the players, and the only thing we’re concerned about is what they’re doing in the game. What we’re not thinking about is the personal lives of the players. We are rooting for them to score a goal – we’re not thinking about who they are dating.
Or at least… that’s what it’s like while we are watching the games. Once the game is over… We can’t help but wonder what our favorite NHL stars are up to. And this is precisely what we are about to discuss.

Life is a long, arduous journey we all travel, and this is no different whether you’re an architect, a plumber, or a professional hockey player. We all have hearts, and we all have personal emotional needs – most notably, the need to love, and to be loved. Behind every professional hockey player is an average person with a tender human condition – and believe it or not – it’s not always easy for those guys either.
Sure, they are certainly given a substantial edge. They are the big men on campus, they are the jocks in the spotlight, and they have all of the models and cheerleaders calling their name, hoping to talk to them after the game.
But while these hockey stars may have a slight edge in the dating pool, they are far from perfect. And while many of them have been able to hold down successful marriages, some of them have had marriages and relationships that ultimately fell apart.
So when the game is over, and we turn off our TV screens – perhaps what it is we need to remember is that all of us desire a real connection – and those can be hard to come by. Read on as we discuss 15 NHL players – their lives on the ice – and their loving relationships off the ice.
[post_page_title]Cale Hulse on the ice[/post_page_title]
Cale Hulse started his NHL career in 1992, when he was drafted by the New Jersey Devils. Hulse was a strong player, yet he couldn’t seem to stay in one place. In February of 2006, he was traded to the Calgary Flames. He was traded again in 2000 to the Nashville Predators. He signed with the Phoenix Coyotes, ad was traded again to the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2005 – and again in 2006, back to the Flames. Wow!

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