True behind-the-scenes facts from The Blind Side

[post_page_title]Role of a lifetime[/post_page_title]
Sandra Bullock certainly made a name for herself long before appearing in The Blind Side. The beautiful actress had already a long list of films under her belt including the movie Speed with Keanu Reeves.

Role of a lifetime

She even starred in the popular rom-com The Proposal in the same year as The Blind Side appeared in theaters. Despite her credentials, many believe that her role in The Blind Side gave Bullock her biggest break yet.
[post_page_title]Record-breaking numbers[/post_page_title]
After The Blind Side hit theaters, audience members of all different ages and backgrounds instantly fell in love.
Record-breaking numbers

The film not only won big in events like the Oscars and Golden Globes, they also broke a tremendous box office record. The Blind Side’s budget was a “modest” $30 million, but it ended up bringing in a whopping total of $309.2 million. The film became the highest grossing sports movie ever made.

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