True behind-the-scenes facts from The Blind Side

[post_page_title]More than football[/post_page_title]
In the movie it only focuses on Michael’s talent for one sport, football. That makes sense considering it is the story of how he became a professional football player.

More than football

However, Michael Oher actually had a passion for another sport as well, basketball. He definitely had a good height for the sport and could easily make it to the net! He was actually quite good, and was runner-up Player of the Year at his Tennessee high school.
[post_page_title]Big Mike’s little brother[/post_page_title]
Another favorite character in The Blind Side is Michael’s little brother, S.J. Tuohy.
Big Mike’s little brother

Although S.J. didn’t really help teach Michael the rules of football like it seems in the movie, they did have a very close relationship and liked to play different sports together. S.J. also wasn’t nearly as small as the actor who played him on the screen, Jay Head. S.J. continues to be one of Oher’s number one fans.

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