The most epic DC Comics Halloween costumes

[post_page_title]Thea Queen[/post_page_title]
It’s not often that TV adaptations introduce new characters to the DC universe, but CW series “Arrow” did when it welcomed Thea Queen into the fold. The half-sister of protagonist Oliver, AKA Green Arrow, Thea was an amalgamation of Mia Dearden and an original character. She was successfully played by Willa Holland across six seasons, again giving fans a female version of their hero to dress up as for Halloween. This girl has put everything into her outfit, mixing it with Oliver’s green color scheme for the ultimate superhero combination.

If Superman isn’t the first hero that comes to mind when people think of DC comics, then Batman probably is. Collectively, the pair makes up the two most iconic characters to ever dedicate themselves to saving the world. Unlike the hero from Krypton, though, Batman doesn’t actually have any special powers. His power comes from his brute strength and desire to avenge his parents… Well, that and his piles of money. Anyone wanting to exude masculinity for Halloween would benefit from going as this guy for the special day.

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