The most epic DC Comics Halloween costumes

[post_page_title]‘Killer Frost’[/post_page_title]
‘Killer Frost’ has been an adversary to many DC favorites over the years, including Batman, Superman, and the Green Arrow. In the comics, she once served as a member of the “Suicide Squad,” and was played by three separate characters who each took up the villain’s identity. ‘Killer Frost’ has been included in various TV and film adaptations, including by Danielle Panabaker in series “The Flash.” Although this girl’s take on the character is a little different to Panabaker’s, we love her devotion to making things blue.

[post_page_title]The Joker[/post_page_title]
The Joker is perhaps the most iconic supervillain ever created. Although he was already well known, it was Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the demented criminal that brought the character to the attention of those who’d never seen him before. Since then, the Joker has been many people’s favorite character to impersonate during Halloween. Although there have been a lot of not so great interpretations of his look over the years, we can definitely get behind this outfit. We wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alleyway on October 31st.

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