The most epic DC Comics Halloween costumes

[post_page_title]Mary Marvel[/post_page_title]
Upon hearing the name Mary Marvel, you might assume she’s connected to the Marvel universe of comics. However, you’d be wrong, because this girl is one of DC’s own. We can understand if you made that mistake as Mary Marvel isn’t one of DC’s best-known characters, although she’ll soon be hitting the big screen in upcoming movie release “Shazam!.” While the film should hopefully introduce millions of people to the wonderful character, there are clearly some fans who are already more than familiar with Mary Marvel.

[post_page_title]Another Zatanna[/post_page_title]
Magician’s chic is apparently very in right now. Either that or people just can’t get enough of Zatanna. We get the fascination, because out of the many characters in the DC Comics – and we do mean many – she’s one of the more enticing. She received her magical powers from her father, Giovanni Zatara, who featured all the way back in DC’s Golden Age of comics. After being around for so long, he’s certainly achieved iconic status, and the same goes for his daughter. She is one unforgettable heroine.

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