The most epic DC Comics Halloween costumes

[post_page_title]Green Lantern[/post_page_title]
In all of the superhero movies that have burst onto the big screen over the last few decades, a big name actor has always played the role of the hero. However, sometimes it takes more than a famous Hollywood star to turn a film into a success. No matter how much people love Ryan Reynolds, there was very little the actor could do to make the 2011 Green Lantern movie one worth watching according to critics and fans alike. Fortunately, even if the adaptation was panned, it hasn’t stopped fans making phenomenal costumes of the hero.

[post_page_title]Laurie Juspeczyk[/post_page_title]
In the short-lived “Watchmen” series, DC Comics readers were introduced to the Silk Spectre. It was a name given to the superhero pair of Sally Jupiter and Laurie Juspeczyk, a mother-daughter duo. They were both featured in the 2009 film “Watchmen” which is where you might recognize this Halloween outfit from. The girl here has given us her interpretation of Laurie’s outfit, and it’s one that we’re totally in love with. It’s clear to see that she won’t be dealing with any funny business once Halloween rolls around.

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