The most epic DC Comics Halloween costumes

A hero that doesn’t always get the same appreciation as many of his comrades, Aquaman has been the topic of many jokes over the years. His apparently weak abilities compared to the other superheroes made him seem inferior, as did his more wholesome image. However, more recent portrayals have completely changed that perception of him, enough so that now even women want to dress up as him for Halloween. This girl certainly embodies everything that we remember about the character’s look, and she does so effortlessly.

[post_page_title]Poison Ivy[/post_page_title]
One DC character whose popularity is rising is Poison Ivy. She’s become such a hot topic now that girls simply love dressing up as her for Halloween. Something tells us that if the real Poison Ivy looked like this, her enemies would’ve been more distracted. That leafy top is a particular highlight and has us wondering whether she bought it from somewhere or made it herself. Either way, it adds a nice detail to the bold costume which is as striking as it is creative.

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