The most epic DC Comics Halloween costumes

Another member of the “Suicide Squad,” the character of Enchantress appeared in the 2016 adaptation. However, in the film, she looked a bit different to this girl’s interpretation of the character. That’s mainly because Cara Delevigne’s take on Enchantress was hugely different from the one that everyone was familiar with in the comics. Looking at how the character is portrayed in the print copies, it’s clear to see that this girl’s outfit is much more of a faithful recreation than it initially appeared to be.

[post_page_title]Holly Granger as Hawk[/post_page_title]
Some superheroes and villains have been portrayed by more than one person. Rather than being an identity attributed to one character, it’s taken on when the previous hero or villain gives up the role. Hawk is one of those identities, with Holly Granger being the third superhero to go by that title. She became Hawk after finding out that her sister, Dawn, was still alive, and has gone on to become one of the lesser-known heroes in the DC universe. And of course, people love dressing up as her.

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