The wealthiest American sports team owners

[post_page_title]Jerry Jones – owner of the Dallas Cowboys ($5.2 billion)[/post_page_title]
Jerry Jones is a businessman and was a college football champion and co-captain of his Arkansas Razorbacks team. Jerry played the position of an offensive lineman for the Hall of Fame coach Frank Broyles.

Jerry actually had many failed business attempts and was even was handed a job by his father to work with him at an insurance company. Nonetheless, Jerry persevered and built Jones Oil from the bottom up and became wildly successful with a net worth of $5.2 billion to prove it. in 1989 Jerry purchased the NFL Dallas Cowboys for $140 million.
[post_page_title]Ann Walton Kroenke – owner of the Denver Nuggets ($6 billion)[/post_page_title]
Ann Walton Kroenke is the stakeholder of Walmart and the wife of the billionaire Stan Kroenke. Ann’s father was the co-founder of Walmart and when he passed away Ann and her sister Nancy inherited his fortune along with shares to the Walmart corporation.

Ann may be a registered nurse but her net worth is $6 billion dollars, talk about a power couple. Ann and her husband both own the Denver Nuggets and purchased the NBA team for $202 million in 2000.

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