Batman & Robin: the best duos to play in the NBA

[post_page_title]Hakeem Olajuwon & Clyde Drexler[/post_page_title]
Houston really took advantage of the time Michael Jordan spent playing baseball instead of basketball, and Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler led the way. Olajuwon helped lead the team to its first championship during the 1993-94 season, and was joined by Drexler the following season, in which the duo helped win the team’s second championship in a row. Olajuwon averaged 27.3 and 27.8 PPG during those two seasons, while Drexler added another 21.4 PPG in 1994-95. Drexler only played 35 regular games with the Rockets that season, but owned the playoffs. The two would play together through the 1997-98 season, after which Drexler retired.

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