You’ve got to be kidding me: the biggest blown calls of all time

[post_page_title]The Stanley Cup’s winning goal controversy[/post_page_title]
The final game of the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals between the Dallas Stars and Buffalo Sabres, Game 6, went into three overtimes before its was settled. Even more dramatic: it ended on a controversial play. Dallas’ Brett Hull’s rebound shot on the edge of the crease sealed a 2-1 win. Back then, the rule said players aren’t allowed in the goalie’s crease, except if the puck was already there. Video showed Hull’s foot was in the crease before the puck. The Sabres were infuriated and refused to leave the locker room, they wanted to head back to the ice and settle the game. Eventually, NHL’s officials supervisor Bryan Lewis ruled the goal kosher because Hull had possession of the puck the entire time. The rule was later changed.

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