You’ve got to be kidding me: the biggest blown calls of all time

[post_page_title]Pats roughing the passer call 1976[/post_page_title]
Old school Patriots fans know this one well. A blown roughing the passer call, mostly because there was minimal contact. During the 1976 divisional playoff game between the Patriots and Raiders. The Pats were up 21-17 with 4:12 left in the game. But their kicker, John Smith, missed a 50-yard field goal and the Raiders had great field position, putting them in position for a comeback. A few plays into the drive, the Raiders were facing a third and 18 from their 28-yard line. Kenny Stabler dropped back looking to pass when Ray Hamilton came at him. Hamilton got a hand on the ball and the pass was incomplete. But then Referee Ben Dreith called a roughing-the-passer penalty, giving the Raiders another opportunity. They would go on to win 24-21.
stabler pats

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