The curse of the what? The most notorious sports curses around the globe

Every once in awhile the odds just do not add up. A team can be having a great amazing season, and then all of a sudden, they just trip up and fall flat on their face, unable to win the final or the bowl.
Other times, a team may just be horrible for a season. The team just is not cohesive maybe not everyone is pulling their weight, or maybe the management just is not managing the team in the most effective way possible.

These types of issues are usually fixed pretty quickly. Sports psychologists can work with professional athletes in order to get them out of their own heads and get effective on the court or field. Sometimes all it takes is a change up in management. Other times, it requires a whole overhaul of the team itself.
But what about losing streaks which can not be attributed to any of these things. What about the teams who, no matter who the general manager is, no matter who is on the team, and no matter how much training the team does, simply can not get their act together?
Well we call those teams unlucky. Teams with these kinds of issues may require a longer term fix, but whatever the problem is, it can be fixed in under five years.
And yet what about those teams who simply can not win? Not for a few seasons or the better part of a decade, but for entire generations? Entire centuries?
We call these teams “cursed,” and woe be the fan who cheers these teams on season after merciless season, always hoping that this year be the year that the curse is lifted but always coming back disappointed.
We wanted to look into the weirdest and most prevailing curses in sports and to be honest, what we found was just downright creepy.
[post_page_title]Honorable mention: The Curse of Aaron Ramsey[/post_page_title]
We’re starting off with this honorable mention, because it doesn’t necessarily have to do with a team’s chances of winning or losing, but more about one soccer player’s foot. In an insane, long-lasting coincidence (at least we think, and hope, this is all a coincidence), when Aaron Ramsey scores a goal for Arsenal, a celebrity dies shortly after. The list of celebrities and high profile men and women who died after the Welsh player scored include Osama Bin Laden, Ted Kennedy, Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston, Paul Walker, Robin Williams, David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Aaron Ramsey, please no more.

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