The curse of the what? The most notorious sports curses around the globe

[post_page_title]Talladega Jinx[/post_page_title]
In this case, it’s the race course that’s cursed, or not right. If you ask race car drivers, they’ll all probably agree that Talladega isn’t normal. Weird things happen there. In 1973 Bobby Isaac got out of his car after he said he heard voices telling him to do so. A year later, several cars were found with their tires slashed. Both Bobby Allison and his son died near the race track – Allison in a wreck in 1987 and his son in a helicopter crash a few years after. Again, these may all be a coincidence, but it’s enough to get some people to think it’s haunted, and some even say it was built on an old Native American burial ground.

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